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From the earliest days of Planet Dog, the founders were committed to creating a national grant program to make maximum impact with limited resources. As a company that celebrates all things dog and that is supported by customers who cherish their pets, Planet Dog is proud to donate 2% of every sale of any Planet Dog Product to PDF to finance the grant budget. In turn, PDF funds programs that train, place and support working dogs helping people in need.

Simply put, dogs are amazing. We all know dogs have a natural capacity to make us feel better, cared for and unconditionally loved. But when working for people in need, they are capable of so much more. They visit sick children and the elderly in hospitals and locate endangered species in threatened habitats. They alert a deaf person when someone is at the door and locate hikers lost in the mountains. They recognize a dangerous drop in blood sugar in their diabetic partner and avert a life-threatening seizure. They provide emotional therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and become service dogs for those soldiers with combat-related mobility challenges. They can enable a blind person to cross a busy city intersection; locate a child lost in the woods from one sniff of clothing; help a child master reading skills and help locate a bomb buried in rubble. Therapy dogs. Service dogs. Search & rescue dogs. Bomb sniffing dogs. Police dogs. The Planet Dog Foundation celebrates all "working" dogs that are enhancing and saving human lives. We do this by supporting innovative, respected and effective non-profit organizations that work tirelessly to raise, train and place the dogs.


foundation goals

  • Increase awareness, interest and support nationwide of programs in which dogs work to help people;
  • Promote activities and programs that bring humans and dogs together in mutually beneficial ways;
  • Build partnerships with local, national and global organizations to carry out the mission of the Planet Dog Foundation;
  • Support grantees with financial, strategic and networking support;
  • Respond to emergency situations that impact humans and animals as they arise;
  • Support and encourage like-minded organizations with product donations.

To fulfill this mission, PDF provides cash grants, product donations and in-kind support designed to bring out the best in those programs that use dogs to help people.

foundation disclosures

The Planet Dog Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with public charity status from the IRS. Our EIN is 01-0537471. Click here to download our IRS Determination Letter. Our IRS 990 Forms are available on Guidestar, or you can view them here:
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For additional information about the Foundation’s financial information, grant making activities, Board of Directors or annual reports, please contact us via email, mail, or phone.