Canine Therapy Corps

Canine Therapy Corps
Chicago, IL

PDF is extending its support of the Canine Therapy Corps, a Chicago-based network of dedicated volunteers and their certified therapy dogs that develops and operates goal-directed, interactive animal-assisted therapy programs, free of charge, in physical and psychosocial rehabilitation for special needs populations. Working in partnership with medical and social service professionals, CTC tailors each program to achieve the specific needs of the population served, including programs for:

  • children with pervasive development disabilities, especially autism;
  • adults and teens in substance abuse recovery;
  • children and teens who are victims of abuse and neglect;
  • children with chronic illness and other disabilities;and
  • adults and children in rehabilitation from accidents, surgeries and illness, including spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.

Since 1991, CTC’s therapy dogs have catalyzed positive change and inspired individuals to work on the arduous task of regaining strength, confidence, and independence as they persevere over traumatic injuries and devastating illnesses or live with chronic disabilities, both physical and emotional.