Guide dogs help a visually impaired person to navigate their life, thereby providing increased mobility and independence.

Hearing dogs specialize in alerting deaf or hard-of-hearing partners to key sounds – an alarm, a doorbell, a smoke detector or a crying child.

Service dogs assist mobility-impaired individuals with such specific tasks as opening doors, handling monetary transactions at stores, retrieving dropped items, switching lights on and off and bringing the phone in an emergency.

Medical alert dogs are trained to warn a diabetic of a potentially fatal drop in blood sugar, to anticipate a partner’s epileptic seizure or to prevent or soothe a debilitating panic attack. Specially trained autism dogs partner with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder to help prevent fleeing, to increase social interaction and to engage difficult to reach children.

With the partnership of a highly specialized dog, thousands of people with disabilities and their families are offered increased independence and confidence, along with the gift of unconditional love.

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