Links to a variety of information and services to help you learn more about dogs helping people in need.

Assistance Dog Resources:

Americans with Disabilities Act – The Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as various state laws permit service dogs to accompany their handlers anywhere the general public is allowed, including taxis, buses, restaurants, theaters, stores, hotels, apartments and office buildings. This site offers information about the rights afforded a person with a disability, public access standards and non-discrimination protocols.

Assistance Dogs International – A coalition of not for profit organizations that train and place Assistance Dogs. Find accredited programs in the US and abroad, review best practices, learn about the growing field and find answers to many frequently asked questions.

The Assistance Dog United Campaign (ADUC) – The Assistance Dog United Campaign (ADUC) is a health and human welfare organization which provides financial assistance to individuals who have the need for an assistance dog but have difficulty in raising the necessary funds and to people and programs whose purpose is to provide assistance dogs to people with disabilities.

Canines for Disabled Kids (CDK) — CDK works to increase independence for children with disabilities and their families by promoting service dog partnerships, understanding and awareness throughout the community.

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) – IAADP is a non-profit, cross-disability organization representing people partnered with guide, hearing and service dogs. Their website has a plethora of information for assistance dog users, including information about evaluating programs, self-training, choosing breeds, access information, advocacy issues and much more.

National Service Animal Registry – Web-based service providing information and resources for people with disabilities as well as their friends and family, who are considering getting a service animal or who are currently partnered with a service animal. The NSARC also provides resources for people with disabilities who have access problems entering the workplace and other public places with their service animals.

Therapy Dog Resources

Animal-Assisted Therapy – Comprehensive resource page for those interested in animal assisted therapy.
Pet Partners – Extensive information, research and benefits of animal assisted-therapy. Information on certification as a Pet Partners Team, resources for people with disabilities and a library of articles on the human-animal bond.
Therapy Dogs International – A volunteer organization dedicated to regulating, testing and registering of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers for the purpose of visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and other institutions where therapy dogs are needed.

Other Canine Service Organizations

American Rescue Dog Association – The American Rescue Dog Association® (ARDA®) is comprised of highly skilled volunteer search and rescue units across the United States that operate in conjunction with local law enforcement or other applicable emergency services agencies to assist in the location of missing persons.
Diabetic Alert Dogs – Some dogs have shown the ability to notify diabetics when their glucose level is too low. Learn more here.
Institute for Canine ForensicsICF is a non-profit organization in Northern California for the advancement of research and education of Forensic Evidence
and Human Remains Detection Dog teams.
National Association for Search and RescueNASAR is comprised of thousands of paid and non-paid professionals interested in all aspects of search and rescue – the humanitarian cause of saving lives – throughout the United States and around the world. “…that others may live.”
Police Dog Training CenterInternational consultation and canine services exclusively for law enforcement.