tribute program

Join our Tribute Program, a meaningful way to honor a four-legged friend while supporting PDF grant programs. Our pets touch our lives in so many ways and here is a way to commemorate all that your pet has done for you and your family. Give in memory of your pet or as a way to celebrate its recent achievement - getting certified as a therapy dog perhaps? Maybe you just rescued your pet from a shelter? Did your dog just have puppies? Or surgery?

There are many milestones in your pets’ life and here is a place to share their stories with the world.

We accept donations of any amount to have your pet featured on our site. Please click here to make your donation and upload your story and photos for inclusion on our website. And remember - your donation is tax deductible and will go directly to our grant program to support dogs that help people in need.

Belle Hinckley Nemo
Apollo & Rocky moose steve
milo jemma shadow pardue
logan Apollo & Rocky harry
wiley elsa mae mabel
rigley westie lucy
lucas jackson atlas
sammy tarquin jack at the door
gladys luka spike
lexi aili casey
hobbes baily sweet bailey
seeger rowdy jessica
roxy tazi hobbs
bella tiger jack
murphy taz kelvin