tributes - (Hurricane) aili



You came into our life at eight weeks old and you were the first present I ever bought for Andrea.  I'll never forget the way you howled in my ear as I held you and drove you away from your brothers and sisters to deliver you to Andrea for her eighteenth birthday. You gave us both 10 years and 5 months of every possible emotion- most of all happiness. 
 Your list of credentials grew every day:
- Mountain biking partner ( Bar Harbor, Acadia, Evergreen to name a few)
- Roller blading partner
- Couch and bed warmer (you loved your furniture and never met a floor you'd even consider laying on)
- Amazing car rider (three trips to and/or from Dallas)
- Great Hiker (Tumbledown, New Mexico, Acadia, Gulf Hagus)
- Escape Artist (no matter what barricades, leashes, seatbelts, etc.)
- Dog trainer and great big sister (you have set the bar for our future dogs to achieve, without you, Lucy
  would've never turned out to be the good dog she has become)
- No leash necessary (every dog owner should be so lucky)
- Facial expressions (We've never seen a dog smile- but you literally smiled every time we came home)
- Snob-like abilities (you could act very stuck up toward some people, and for some reason I liked it)
- Gentle Giant (you were the softest and nicest dog to all kids)
- Best ears (your velvety soft ears flapping in the wind were unforgettable)
- So many more but easily summed up by this credential "Best Dog Evah"

Broken Hearted~  Mike, Andrea and Lucy