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In Memory of Elsa Mae

Elsa Mae monkeybutt was my girl from 1997 until June of 2010. Being a shepherdy-thing, she never missed a trick. She had a terrific sense of humor and laughed a lot. During the last year or so of her life, she was my only dog. Things really blossomed then, as we were able to train out a lot of her dog-aggressiveness and spend fun times a the Quarry dog park without trying to beat up other dogs. She loved eating dirt, and sitting in mud. She once swallowed a whole dead fish, keeping eye contact with me the entire time, just out of my reach. Bratmonster. Pretty much once a week, we were asked if she was a puppy, right up until her last day at the dog park. She died at age 13, at home, on my day off.