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In Memory of Harry

Harry was dumped at the side of a Minnesota highway in January with his mother and three littermates. The puppies were only a few weeks old. All but Harry were killed in traffic. Harry spent the next several months completely on his own, foraging for food and water. He then went to an abusive home. At the time Harry was rescued by a Saint Bernard Rescue volunteer, his liver and kidneys were shutting down, he had very little hair left due to demodectic mange, his body and feet were covered with bloody, pus filled sores, he had staph infections in his ears and eyes, and he only weighed 80 pounds. Every vet the SBR volunteer took him to said that Harry should be euthanized, that he would never survive.

Harry subsequently was taken to a holistic vet who, along with the SBR volunteer, brought Harry back to life with daily medicated baths, nourishing food and a lot of love. My husband, Jack, and I picked Harry up at Logan Airport in Boston on September 18th eight years ago after what must have been a terrifying flight from Minneapolis. He walked out of the airport with us and got in our car for the ride home to York Harbour, Maine, not knowing whether he was going to another hell or heaven on earth. It took hours for us to get him out of the car when we arrived home.

Harry had a severe case of fear aggression and was not good with other dogs or people, but to us he was the most wonderful pet on earth. He was the most loving, appreciative dog one could imagine. He came to work with me almost every day except when I was traveling. Words simply cannot express how much we mourn the loss of Harry, but he will live in our hearts forever. I use his photo as my screensaver so he greets me every time I turn my computer on!

Harry had a truly horrific start in life, but his last eight years were very special for all of us. We feel honored to have had the opportunity to love Harry!