tributes - lady jessica and roxy




Pictured on the left is The Lady Jessica who passed in 2005. We shared 16 wonderful years together. Jessie, to her friends, was a stray when we found each other under the Manhattan Bridge. She was affectionately known as a Brooklyn Terrier ... AKA a Mutt :-) and we were virtually inseparable. She was the constant in a life full of change. She was a true companion and a bridge that spanned troubled water. Jessie was loyal and loving. She had inner peace, strength of character and was remarkably intelligent. Her passing shakes my foundation and I am saddened beyond belief. There's no doubt though that we were so very, very fortunate to have shared life together.

Pictured on the right is Roxy who passed in 2003. Jessie and Roxy were best friends. When Roxy's mom became too ill to care for her Roxy was happily welcomed into our home and quickly became part of the family. She often provided the comic relief and was the kind of dog that just made people grin when they saw her. She was a sweet girl and will be missed. This tribute honors the memory of both Jessie and Roxy.