tributes - sweet bailey




She was affectionately known by many names….Beagella Bagella Boo, Bagel Lumpner, Bailey Bumper, Bumper Nickel, and our “20 pound barkless wonder.” In our hearts, she was, is, and always will be our sweet little Bailey girl. Bailey came into our lives in October of 1984. She was a half-starved pup/dog - so thin and disproportionate that it was hard to determine what kind of dog she was - she looked like part Beagle, part Terrier, part Dachshund, and maybe even part otter! This little dog soon blossomed into the best, most beautiful little dog ever! On October 8, 1998, Bailey passed away after suffering from Chronic Mitral Valve Insufficiency and Diabetes for the last 18 months of her life. Her will to live and strength to hold on was and is an inspiration to us all. Just as when Bailey “told” us it was time, if you’re ever faced with making a decision regarding the wellbeing of your pet, open your heart and listen to what your pet wants – I honestly believe that they will “help” with the decision. If you’ve lost a beloved animal companion and folks tell you to “let go,” I urge you to hold on – hold on to the memories, cherish them, and grow from them. Our animals have so much to share, so much to teach us, in life and in death; and they do it, not through regimented training sessions, but through unconditional love, trust, and joy. That is the most important lesson of all. Finally, thanks to my dear daughter and son-in-law for giving me the most special birthday gift I have ever received - a donation to the Tribute Program in memory of our beloved Bailey. That donation will not only help other animals but it is also, as my daughter so appropriately wrote on my birthday card, “a wonderfully, touching way to keep sweet Bailey’s memory alive.”